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Sebab tentang diri bukan hanya dari atribut individu, melainkan ‘all of things’ which relates to you.

Request to Allah regarding what you want, never give up and do the best!
Allah knows what actually best for you.

– Handrie Noprisson

Student of Informatics Engineering UNIB, 2003-2009

Tonight, I found some data about student of informatics engineering UNIB. at beginning, i just want to search a name of student and fortunately i found other names and also their NPM (student ID).

I keep in mind about my senior’s utterance when I just began to study in university of bengkulu, specifically in the PKK (introduction or orientation session about university for new students), “as new student, you must know about your senior and must to remember all of about them, at least their name and face.” ~ and after he said that, all of seniors began to introduce themselves one by one and to test knowledge about seniors, they will ask to new student randomly. you know, individually, I’m a person who difficult to remember about something in the fast time and i hope my name didn’t call at that time 🙂 and lucky to me, I didn’t become one of that “inauspicious” students, hehe. Continue reading

It’s my personal blog that containing articles about my viewpoint of events or persons and other interesting topics. I still learn to write articles using English, so you will find many oversights. Not all articles using English, I still using Bahasa for many articles. 🙂

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Sincerely yours,
Handrie Noprisson
Student of Informatics Engineering University of Bengkulu (Undergraduate)