ICT4D Journal Ranking Table

ICTs for Development

In earlier blog postings on the best type of publication outlet for ICT4D research and on ICT4D research quality and impact, I surmised that there is value in publishing ICT4D research in specialist ICT4D journals.  But I skirted round the issue of which ICT4D journal to publish in.  Here, then, is an ICT4D journal “league table”:

ICT4D Journal Impact Table

  Journal 2005 Score 2008 Score Overall Score
1 Information Technologies and International Development 2.61 2.08 2.35
2 Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries 3.62 1 2.31
3 Information Technology for Development 2.94 1.35 2.15
4 African Journal of Information and Communication 1.09 0.4 0.75
5 International Journal of Education and Development Using Information and Communication Technology 1.01 0.4 0.71
6 Asian Journal of Communication 1.16 0.23 0.70
7 Journal of Health Informatics in Developing Countries n/a 0.43 0.43
8 Information Development 0.35 0.25 0.30
9 International…

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