What is your research interest?

After long time, I don’t write an articles on my blog, finally I came back. When somebody asked you regarding your research interest? What you should answered?

Honestly, I am still confuse with my research interest because it always shifts every time. I like to read Computer Sciences – computational intelligent (CI) material, because of so challenging.

However, I don’t have enough capability to understand new mathematics formula when I read some CI papers. In addition, I have forgotten all my math knowledge, on the top of that the basic of math. Well, it is to main problem when I wanna to choose this topic. If I am still on this research topic, I don’t need to go to gathering the data as like person who takes information system as their interest.

Different with Information System research interest, may be the proportion of the math in this interest is not complex like Computer science. I just need learn statistics and the supporting tools (AMOS or SPSS). However, because IS will interact to human, so that I must learn more about human behavior and gather data through questionnaire, interview, and so forth. In fact, to conduct this is extremely as the “bad” part of taking IS.

So what is your choice? Maybe Information System, because when I were in CS, I have failed to hold and encourage my self to do CS research. Finally, every single selected option will have different challenges, so that I must be brave to face it.

It is my way, not story of others. I must be a resilience person!

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